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Friday, June 9, 2017

My TV June 2017 newsletter

Issue Number: 103Issue Date:  June 1st, 2017

My TV June'17 Newsletter

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HOMEBASE TV joins the My TV channels line-up - HOMEBASE TV brings viewers a mix of movies, series, comedies, chat shows, documentaries, talk shows and live studio programs. Happy Viewing!

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Free to View Channels are:


New Telenovela - Dolce Amor
Weekdays @ 20:00 Nigeria Time, starting June 19th 
Serena (Liza Soberano) is a young and beautiful Filipina woman who was adopted by a rich Italian father and mother when she was an infant. When she found herself stuck in an arranged marriage, she runs away to the Philippines, a country she had been fascinated by since she was little from the stories she heard from her Filipina nanny and the stories that her Penpal friend from the Philippines have been talking about. There, she meets and falls in love with her Penpal friend, Tenten (Enrique Gil), a poor and hardworking adopted boy from Tondo who was forced to take unconventional jobs for his family.

90 Gogoro Sundays @ 19:00 Nigeria Time, starting June 4th90 Gogoro is a first era family TV Sitcom based in the 1990s. It focuses on the family of Patrick and Nike Igodomigodo as they relocate from Benin city to Lagos with their only daughter Pamela and Patrick's brother, Daniel.  Their foray into running a bakery left behind by Nike's father, a hilarious drama from their neighbors Tamara and Tara make 90gogoro a pure joy to watch. The series  stars veteran and multiple award winning Rachel Oniga, Degri Emmanuel, Yinka Pearce, Chimezie Imo, Jennifer Igbinovia, Valery Dish.

House 6
Saturdays @ 20:00 Nigeria Time, starting June 10th 
This is a sitcom about an average family and, their quest to survive leaves so many things to be desired. PA OSONDU is a pensioner  who stands for everything that represents honesty, integrity and discipline but his wife and children are his exact opposite, as they would always plot against his dos and don'ts. Every episode of this fantastic comedy series tells a separate story.


Hero of LoveThe sacrifice made to sustain the love affair between Ogo and Onuora is soon forgotten when Onuora mistakenly impregnates a carefree, over pampered young lady. Their love is put to test when he is placed in a tight corner to make the biggest decision of his life. Will he marry Ogo, the love of his life or the over pampered pregnant lady who promised him heaven on earth?
Showing Saturday June 3rd @ 20:00 Nigeria Time
Daughters of Eli
The three daughters of Eli are known for their reckless lifestyle. The first daughter is a village fighter, the second is promiscuous and the last is a known thief. The villagers are living in harmony until, Chris a rich and hot bachelor comes to the village in search of a wife. Watch as battle ensues among them.
Showing Thursday June 6th @ 20:30 Nigeria Time
Pastor's CultPastor Henry is desperately in need of power and fame. He will sacrifice anything to achieve his quest. He commits adultery and other atrocities with the help of his female friend. All hell breaks loose when he is given a condition he can never meet. Will he be able to sleep with his only daughter?
Showing Friday June 9th @ 21:05 Nigeria Time
Hidden MistakeA household is on fire when their father decides to marry a new wife. Unknown to the family, the new wife is the eldest son's former lover, pitching the father and son on opposite sides of the fence, now the battle line is drawn. Will this family ever remain the same?
Showing Thursday June 15th @ 20:00 Nigeria Time
Dangerous Pastor
This is the case of an end time church where all the members including the pastor have sex with one other in the church premises and different hotels. They lie to the innocent members and give false prophecies. Who truly is a man of God?
Showing Monday June 19th @ 20:00 Nigeria Time
Ada Oyinbo My BeautyIn a certain community, there lives a mad man with a special gift of healing. His wicked and dubious uncle selfishly makes money for himself by collecting money from the people he cures. What remains a mystery is the strange connection between the insane man and the beautiful princess of the land who also lost her sanity.
Showing Friday June 23rd @ 20:00 Nigeria Time


Borin Kunya
This is a story of a father who forbids his daughter from having both male and female friends, while he goes around sleeping with young girls in the village. Bubble bursts as he sleeps with his own daughter and gets her pregnant. What happens thereafter is better imagined.
Showing Monday June 12th @ 22:05 Nigeria Time
Koni Ko KaiThis is a story of two neighbors, Tanimu and Bosho who inherit enmity from their parents and decide to keep it till death. How far can they go as this is beginning to take its toll on their wards?
Showing Saturday June 24th @ 21:15 Nigeria Time
Nida KawataMasir and Ramla share a very special love, but their relationship gets sour when Masir gets the wind of his girl's illicit exploit. Masir decides to pitch his tent with Ramla's best friend, the decision that throws spanner in the wheel of their love. What happens thereafter leaves more to be desired.
Showing Wednesday June 28th @ 21:10 Nigeria Time
Mucaso JunaA story of four graduates and talented friends, who have been struggling for a job,
One day, they decide to storm a wedding party as chefs at least to be able to fend for the weekend, but seize the opportunity of the absence of the DJ to showcase their talent of singing. Watch as this singular act brings about a turning point in their lives.
Showing Wednesday June 28th @ 22:50 Nigeria Time


OnisinaA newly wedded couple Tunde and Kike starts having issues just three months into their marriage, when his sister in-law comes visiting. Tunde's attention is divided as this stranger vows to destroy their marriage. Watch, as Kike suffers untold hardship. A true-life story you can't afford to miss.
Showing Friday June 2nd @ 20:55 Nigeria Time
AlebukanA bachelor is never lucky with women, he's looking out for that perfect woman to take to the altar, the lady he finds perfect has a short life to live; nobody is perfect they say, how does he cope with the troubles and pains inherent in his new found love?
Showing Wednesday June 7th @ 22:50 Nigeria Time
IyekanThey say your environment shapes the kind of person you are, Ibironke was born in a ghetto, and her attitude and character portrays a real ghetto lady. When she meets Tunmise, her life changes, but took another dramatic turn when she meets Tunmise's family lawyer. Watch all that transpires.
Showing Monday June 19th @ 20:50 Nigeria Time
Eja NlaAdekunle Badmus was having a joyful marriage till he meets Olamide, an industrial attachment student assigned to his office as his personal assistant; she sees her boss' friendly disposition as everyman's weakness, what becomes of Olamide's escapade, as she takes a step too far?
Showing Sunday June 25th @ 20:45 Nigeria Time
Kori Koto
The fate of the people of a village lies in the hand of the chief priest, a powerful herbalist who must sleep with his patient before curing them of their ailment; he goes too far when he seeks one of the chief's wives as a sleeping mate. the king decides to put a stop to this when his son fell ill.
Showing Friday June 30th @ 20:45 Nigeria Time

Telenovela -
 MissingWeekdays @ 22:00 Nigeria Time, starting June 8thThe lives of the Altamira family are changed forever. Their lives are engulfed by the events in the disappearance of Elisa the oldest daughter of Mariano Altamira and Dana Riggs Altamira. Once she disappears, we begin to learn the secrets of every member of the family and friends; the paranoias start, histories from the past, themes that were supposed to be buried. Then the recriminations among family members start. In the midst of family conflicts many suspects come to light, among them family members fellow students, former and present Altamira employees, as well as friends that used to go to the same places that Elisa would frequent. Eventually, Bruno C�ceres will emerges as the kidnapper....

Indian Telenovela - Kya Hua Tera Vaada (The Promise)  
Weekdays @ 20:00  Nigeria Time , starting June 26thA heart melting and gripping story revolving around a happily married couple Mona and Pradeep living in Mumbai with their children. The story focuses on how their married life is disrupted by the arrival of Pradeep's college love Anushka causing an end to the 12 year long marriage. This life changing event causes Mona to become independent and seek her revenge. The story takes a humorous turn when her children start living with their father Pradeep and cause disruptions between Pradeep and Anushka. 

The Hypochondriac
Weekdays @ 19:00 Nigeria Time, starting June 27th
Macarena Gonzales strongly believes that she has inherited a strange neurological illness from her mother that will take her to the grave. Because of this, she dedicates her entire life preparing for that moment and any sign from her body is an irrefutable symptom of her pending doom. Lucky for her, she meets Dr. Alejandro Pulido, a psychiatrist who tells her what she has long awaited to hear: she only has six months to live. Happily, she tells the whole world that she was right and she is not a hypochondriac. Macarena begins to do all the things she had spent years planning: quit her job, go into debt in order to live like a queen in her final days, and ask her boyfriend, J.J., to grant her wish to marry her. But the problem is that she is not going to die; Dr. Alejandro accidentally switched her results with another patient. Alejandro decides not to tell the truth at first. He cannot put at risk his current important research project, his reputation or his career. From that point forward, he does whatever it takes to be close to Macarena and tries to keep her insanity under control until he is ready to admit his mistake. But along the way, he begins to fall in love with this woman who, in turn, will discover that living has its charms. Inevitably, she falls in love with Dr. Alejandro, too. But what will happen when she discovers that he has spent months deceiving her and that she actually has a long life ahead of her?


The Year of Bruno Mars
Wednesday June 7th @ 21:00 Nigeria TimeBruno Mars has come a long way from his career beginnings as a child Elvis impersonator, but he's lost none of that swagger. Keeping his ego in check, his modest tour rider includes just two items: wet wipes and a bottle of wine. Maybe he spills it a lot. Don't miss this special dedication to Mr Bruno Mars!

The Year of Ariana GrandeWednesday June 21st @ 21:00 Nigeria TimeAriana Grande's journey from Nickelodeon child star to self-proclaimed 'Dangerous Woman' is paved with chart-topping singles, high-profile collabs and hair ties. With three huge albums under her ponytail and the world's second most popular Instagram account (Selena Gomez better watch her back), we celebrate Ariana's grand career so far.
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