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Sunday, August 6, 2017

My TV August Newsletter

Issue Number: 105Issue Date:  August 1st, 2017

My TV August'17 Newsletter

Casmir Nwakanma

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My TV is thrilled to add Nolly Africa for our valued Viewers' pleasure. Nolly Africa is a dedicated, 24-hour African movies and series channel, showing only the best movies and series from the second largest motion picture industry in the world - Nigeria's Nollywood - as well as the best from the rest of Africa

New, reduced My TV subscription prices as of June 14, 2017:

-             NGN 1,450 for 3 months
-             NGN 2,800 for 6 months
-             NGN 5,400 for 12 months

1-month subscriptions have been suspended.
Refunds for unused recharge cards and ePINs are easy to claim, by clicking

As of July 14, viewers not equipped with My TV-compliant receivers (namely SRT 4940 / 4935 / 4915 / 4675 / 4672) will no longer have access to AIT, Silverbird TV, Channels TV, Nolly Africa, RTI 1, RTI 2, Digital Congo and TELE 50 for security reasons. To keep enjoying those channels, contact your nearest STRONG dealer

Current My TV channels line up

To enjoy the 
FTV service (encrypted, yet subscription-free TV channels) accessible toSTRONG
 receivers, you need one of the following receivers models: My TV-compliant models, for those who may eventually wish to subscribe to our pay TV service(s):SRT 4915 (combination Satellite + Terrestrial), SRT 4940 and SRT 4935 - High Definition Receiver/RecordersSRT 4675/A and SRT 4672 - Standard Definition Receiver/Recorders and a duly pairedMy TV Smart Card
Our change in policy in respect of receiver models enabled to access our FTV service(s) results from valid security concerns over content protection.
Free to View Channels are:


New Telenovela - I WILL NEVER SAY GOODBYE Weekends @ 21:00 Nigeria Time Starting July 30th Amid a beautiful island in their youth, Waldo and Aryann were once deeply in love. But they are torn apart by tragedy, when Waldo goes to jail after accidentally killing Aryann's uncle who attempted to molest her.
Aryann does everything she can to get Waldo out of prison and later finds herself being forced into prostitution. On her first night as an escort, she meets Tristan, a rich man who unexpectedly does not take advantage of her vulnerability. Nothing happens between them, but Tristan leaves Aryann a large sum of money, enough to hire a lawyer who helps free Waldo. Their happiness is short-lived, when the revenge-seeking brother of Aryann's uncle ends up shooting Waldo. With his body nowhere to be found, Aryann presumes Waldo is dead. It turns out that a nurse named Leila saved and treated Waldo until he recovered from his post-traumatic disorder. But by the time he returns to his hometown, Waldo learns Aryann has moved on and already started a new life in the city. Years pass, and as Waldo pursues his dream of becoming a marine engineer, a twist of fate reunites him with his former flame. His boss Tristan introduces him to his fiancee, who is none other than his one great love, Aryann, now a successful lawyer. When their paths collide, old wounds and feelings resurface as they try to resist one another.Waldo and Aryann's love story has been marred by time and circumstance, and worse, is now imperiled by Tristan and bitter rivals. Will their undying love survive the odds?

Tears of Love
Wednesdays @ 21:30 Nigeria Time, starting August 2nd 
It tells a story of three families, the love, the betrayal, the unholy affairs and the dilemma they all get entangled in.
A couple facing the agony of childlessness decided to take extreme measures to end their state of barrenness. Their indecent proposal born out of desperation took a wrong turn and opened a vault of secrets.  The unrest rocking the family found its way into their neighbor's flat. Their journey to finding peace takes togetherness. After the whole turbulence of love and marriage, denouement and renewal of vows comes in place for all.

Housewives and Girlfriends
Fridays @ 21:00 Nigeria Time, starting August 18thHousewives & Girlfriends is a 30 minutes Nollywood TV series made in the UK which is centered around betrayal, passion, cross-cultural conflicts, unhappy love and broken lives whilst struggling to balance money, success and personal happiness.
Nominated in BEFFTA Awards (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts): Best TV Series - Best Producer TV Series - Best Black British Actress  (TV Series): Adenike Akeju Osabutey - Best Supporting Actor - Best Raising Star

Police Post
Tuesdays @ 21:30 Nigeria Time, starting August 22nd 

Police Post is a satirical Comedy series that X-Rays and attempts to address and correct the anomalies in the nation's Police Force as well as citizens' behaviors.
The series exposes the misuse of power, office, money etc and treats different civil and criminal cases in the most humorous manners, thereby entertaining, educating, as well as informing the viewers.

Akpors & Company
Wednesdays @ 21:00  Nigeria Time, starting 30th August

BONIFACE, also known as Old Soldier is an Urhobo that has a semi-literate wife (Lovina) and two children; Janet and Akpos. Together with his neighbors and friends they form AKPOS AND COMPANY which are true life stories of what happened between the poor and rich people in the Nigerian Society and treated in different episodes. AKPOS AND COMPANY is educative, informative, entertaining and full of comics. It's a program for all ages in every family


Unknown CEO
Olivia falls in love with her driver after returning to Nigeria, forgetting her boyfriend who masterminds her coming home. The pair now works in the same company and things are no more the same. It is intriguing and suspense filled.
Showing Tuesday August 1st @ 20:00 Nigeria Time
One last WordMajid Michel, a movie director, is caught among the three most important things in his life; his career, his self-absorbed fiance and his mother who longs for his attention. His mother finds way to get his attention after she was wrongfully diagnosed with a terminal disease. He is forced to re-evaluate his relationships.
Showing Saturday August 5th @ 20:00 Nigeria Time
Husband from HellThis is a story of a couple that is unable to conceive. They tried every known means but to no avail. The couple holds a secret that can help their situation but no one wants to be the first to reveal their grave secrets.
Showing Saturday August 12th @ 20:05 Nigeria Time
Kayla, an investigative journalist has a peaceful life and everything was perfect until the spirit of Karen, her twin (whom she never knew) cast her back to a missionary school where she grew up to unravel the mystery of her death.
Showing Friday August 18th @ 22:50 Nigeria Time
The Marriage Counselor
Two young couple going through marital issues, but pretend to be perfect for each other. Each couple uses each other as a standard for a perfect marriage but it seems things go more in flames. Unknown to them, there is no perfect marriage and one has to make it work. They soon learn the hard way.
Showing Friday August 25th @ 21:40 Nigeria Time


Mahmud, a greedy and unfaithful husband got married to Sharifah, an orphan from a wealthy home. She's on the run for her dear life as her husband conspires to take her life because of the inheritance her parents left behind. Watch what becomes of the plot.
Showing Tuesday August 1st @ 21:00 Nigeria Time
Kamal, an undergraduate student is on the journey to write his school projects about the culture and lifestyle of Fulani herdsmen when he is caught in a quest for love.  Kamal now has to contend with indomitable Magaji for the hands of Malle in marriage. Kamal in a strange environment, has a big hurdle to overcome.
Watch out as "the battle for love" collides with "the right to love".
Showing Wednesday August 2nd @ 21:10 Nigeria Time
Kishiya Da KishiyaMurja and Maryam are sisters and best of friends.  Maryam gets married to Rufai and lives happily until friends and family begin to sow the seed of deceit in their hearts. The plan to wreck havoc on Maryam's husband and home thickens. Will they succeed? Watch the story of betrayal of trust and the fight for love.
Showing Saturday August 19th @ 21:15 Nigeria Time
PoliceASP Dankawu a mischievous police officer (alongside other police officers) is involved in all kinds of unlawful activities. His cup is filled to the brim as he ends up contracting HIV virus and is dismissed from the police force.
Showing Tuesday August 29th @ 21:00 Nigeria Time


OpoIbukun is married to Shinaayo but yet to have a child, in one of their arguments, she threatened to kill him.  His younger brother, Funsho, overheard and informed their parents. Not long after, Shinaayo died of food poison and his family accused her and mandated her to go through widow's ritual to know the truth. Will she be willing to go through this?
Showing Friday August 4th @ 23:05 Nigeria Time
Igba Nbajo
Adunola, a talented singer from a wealthy background detests men as a result of the domestic violence and neglect that her mother suffered in the hands of her father. Omobolaji, a man who loves her dearly, tries to woo her but she always sees her father in him. How long can she maintain this rigid posture? Will she ever see anything good in a man?
Showing Tuesday August 22nd @ 20:50 Nigeria Time
Tee Kay
Everyone wants this man dead; he has too many enemies. What crime has he committed? The assassins hit their target and the police are investigating, who killed this man? Every one is a suspect.
Showing Saturday August 12th @ 20:45 Nigeria Time
Aje KanA man is to identify who among his wife, daughter, sister, and mother is a witch; Situation begins to have a negative turn in his life and it is a trying moment for his family since they are all suspects. They all begin to act weird like a witch, but one amongst them is definitely a witch? Guess who.
Showing Friday August 18th @ 22:20 Nigeria Time
PepeyeImisiola and her younger sister are having a difficult time surviving; to feed is a problem not to talk of their father's life threatening illness, she is given an option of survival in which she doesn't have a choice, Pepeye (Duck) is the only solution to her problem. Watch how events play out.
Showing Tuesday August 29th @ 20:50 Nigeria Time

Telenovela -
 MissingWeekdays @ 22:00 Nigeria TimeThe lives of the Altamira family are changed forever. Their lives are engulfed by the events in the disappearance of Elisa the oldest daughter of Mariano Altamira and Dana Riggs Altamira. Once she disappears, we begin to learn the secrets of every member of the family and friends; the paranoias start, histories from the past, themes that were supposed to be buried. Then the recriminations among family members start. In the midst of family conflicts many suspects come to light, among them family members fellow students, former and present Altamira employees, as well as friends that used to go to the same places that Elisa would frequent. Eventually, Bruno C�ceres will emerges as the kidnapper....

Bridges of Love
Weekdays @ 19:00 Nigeria Time, starting July 25thTwo brothers divided by fate and hatred, and the woman who comes in between them. As young boys, Gael and JR Nakpipl were separated by tragedy and will grow as adults in two different worlds. While Gael lives in hardship and works hard to support their family. Meanwhile, JR will later be known as Carlos Antonio, ruthless and unfeeling. For him, everything and everyone has a price. After several years of carrying the burdens of the past, the two brothers will meet again through Mia Sandoval, a dancer and the woman they will both fall in love with. Mia is forever struggling to take control of her life until one man gives her the right rhythm.
Will Mia's love be the bridge to Gael and JR to be brothers again? Or will their love for her further draw them apart? Will Mia get her groove back when the man she loves leaves her and the other offers her a new song to dance to?

Continuing Series:- The Hypochondriac  - Weekdays @ 19:00 Nigeria Time - Kya Hua Tera Vaada (THE PROMISE)  - Weekdays @ 20:00 Nigeria Time 
- Be careful with my heart (S2)  - 
Weekdays @ 23:00 Nigeria Time 

Focus - Summer Hits Saturday August 19th @ 12:00 Nigeria Time
Fire up the BBQ, blow up the beach ball and pump up the volume. Summer's here and we're bringing you the biggest summer anthems to while away those bright sunny days and long sultry nights. This special edition of Focus contains 60 minutes of summer hits, from Miley to Rihanna. Leave the umbrella at home RiRi - you won't be needing it today.
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