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Sunday, May 21, 2017

. It is only the SUG that is empowered to lead any protest and am willing as President to be in the fore front when its necessary by SUG President


We sincerely thank all Abia State Polytechnic students especially the brave students, who refused to be a part of the destruction of the already existing peace in the institution, but was law abiding, calm and patient to first gather necessary information before taking action. Thank You! Am proud of You!

We also thank the management for the proactive measure taken so far in handling the issue at hand. Thank You!

We reinstate our stand, commitment and resolve made you few weeks ago to make sure the voice of the students are heard.  Since the commencement of our administration, more than ever before. The voice of the students is been heard, and must continuously be heard. We won't keep quiet. Never!

While peaceful demonstration isn't wrong, following the right procedure however, is very important. It is only the SUG that is empowered to lead any protest and am willing as President to be in the fore front when its necessary and that is when all avenues of dialogue, discussion and negotiations have all been exhausted. Any protest not led by the SUG is illegal and therefore any student caught, would face the full weight of the law. Please, be properly guided.

After consultations, we have Come to know your challenges and we understand all of them. We are not representing ourselves but you. We know what your aspirations and demands are. We know why you are not happy, and we believe if you are informed properly. You will understand. We know you are not happy with the way your answer scripts were collected from you whilst examination was going on. You should have been allowed to finish the current paper you were writing. We were also writing our exams that morning. Sincerely, we understand. But still insist that the right thing be done.

Fellow students, while many seem not to see the criminal aspect involved in the actions taken by some students; we do. The fact that the economy is bad and there is no money doesn't at all permit any student to involve himself in a crime such as forgery. This is a very serious crime. We are young people who should be concerned about our future and how to build it.

As disciplined students, I do not think any right thinking student will encourage such act. Does it mean that because the economy isn't good, one should resort to armed robbery or stealing? How would you feel, if an armed robber points a gun at you and collects money given to you by your parents to pay your school fee and when caught claims he took up stealing because he had no job? Would you tell him...go ahead and keep stealing since you don't have a job? The bad economy affects everyone. I believe in your sense of judgement to stand with the right thing. Therefore, the SUG make bold to condemn this act.

Come to think of it! Do you know what a lot of students pass through to be able to pay their school fee? What and how they work to raise the money to pay? Are we encouraging criminality? Are those who had toiled hard to pay stupid? Your answer is as good as mine. The blame for the postponement of examination fully fall heavily on those who forged their school fee receipt. Without such actions, We all would have been writing our examinations now.

We must put back Abiapoly in the right directions no matter the distractions. We must fight and make sure the Abiapoly gates remain open. No strike will happen under us as SUG. All hands must be on deck to actualize this.

Again, we know all hands are not equal. We also know about the bad economy. But we are more concerned about the criminal aspect and how it affects the future of this great citadel of learning. We took an oath of protecting the image of this institution and we must make it better than we met it. Now, for those who paid and were not allowed to finish their examination. Please, calm down. Be patient. Exams commences again on 31st May, 2017.

More so, this is not a strike. Examination was only postponed. Exams taken between Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th May, 2017 remains intact. Only the one written on Thursday 18th May, 2017 is affected.

I urge all students who have not paid at least part payment to do so within this period. Again, those who paid but have not uploaded their school fee payment in the school portal to do so quickly in order to be among those whose name would be published. All those who have updated their student form should go to students Affairs and collect the new ID card with their SUG receipt.

Finally, I appeal to management to tamper justice with mercy on students caught with the fake school fee receipts and plead with all students who are in this act to desist from it, because as soon as exams commences again, anyone caught using fake school fee receipt or any other receipt would face the consequence. We promise to keep you informed always.
Thank You!

Love you all

Cmr. Igwe Samuel
SUG President

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