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Monday, May 29, 2017

Our Youths will be Leaders of tomorrow when

Democratic Challenges and The Future of Our Youths.

The Guest Speaker Rtn. Kalu Peters(PhD) spoke extensively on Challenges of African Youths and possible solutions.

According to him, Nigerian Youths must take responsibilities of their Actions and Behaviour.
Unfortunately, Youths have no place in Ministerial Appointment and Political Leadership in Africa.

Mr Rtn.kalu Peters elaborated Political leadership in Africa today. he also spoke extensively on Zambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and African Leadership.

Question was Asked: When will Our Youths become the Future Leaders of Tomorrow?

Answered by Rtn.Kalu Peters (PhD) -

It is unfortunate that our Youths have refused to be Leaders of Today,
 Our Youths leadership must start from today. We cannot talk about tomorrow without discussing about today.

Our Youths should be Ready to Contest 2019 Election at all level. And most specially, Avoid to be used as a Rigging Tools in Elections.

When our Youths shuns money, Gift items and bribing doing our Election Process in Africa,
When our Youths are ready to take Responsibilities of their Actions and Behaviour,

When they refuse to be political tools in the hands of our Political elders, then
We shall believe that our Youths are ready to be Leaders of Tomorrow.

The Responsibility and Youths Leadership must start from today.

#Thank you.

Congratulations to Dr.Kalu Peters (PhD). Special Award was given to him for his role towards Nation Building on Democracy and Youths Awareness by CYON SS.ANTHONY & JUDE CATHOLIC CHURCH,ABA.


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